4 Steps to Visualize Your Career Goals









It’s okay to take the time and energy to perform this introspection versus always being immersed in production. Always doing and not thinking about what you are doing may ultimately be counterproductive, taking you in a direction far from your personal goals.


3. Work-life balance or blend.

While some people merge their careers and personal lives well, others have realized that, for them, there is no such thing. In fact, they are perfectly fine using their career as a means to their real happiness, which they live outside of their office hours. Don’t get entangled in other people’s hype. Just because you read it, doesn’t make it true; just because a passionate friend or more experienced colleague exudes their beliefs with passion, doesn’t mean you should embrace them as your own. In other words, your career is a discovery process and one that YOU own, nobody else. Do not give that power away.


4. Don’t let the discovery process be an excuse not to land on, and act upon, goals.

While long-term goals create vision for which to aspire, short-term goals create traction. Without long-term goals, you may find yourself hopping from short-term goal to short-term goal with no real gain, so they are extremely important to determine. That said, pick your ‘vision’ and move ahead. You can make adjustments, as mentioned previously. While life indeed may seem short, it still is long enough to make a few tweaks, mistakes and even transformations, along the way.

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